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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Total Robot Birthday Party

My son had a robot birthday ...becuase he liked my "new" Robotz cartridge so much. 
All items for this party were cut with the Robotz cartridge and Design Studio

Of course I had to start with these.

The robots were cut at 5 ½ inches high.  I glued the finished robots on cardstock cut to note-card size and put all the party info on the back. 

The patterned paper is from The Paper StudioA Boy’s Universe.

               PARTY FAVOR

Next I started on the party “favor” activity -- A 3D robot.

I made all the main body parts in multiple solid colors of cardstock and used the same Paper Studio patterned paper stack for the “feet”. I cut body parts for twelve - 3D robots at max size. The head was the largest piece. I cut it at an angel to get them max size for a 12 x 12 mat cut at 8.4 inches high and 12.3 inches wide using Design Studio.

The finished robots stood at 10 inches high
Once all pieces were cut, I scored at all the score lines and placed covered photo splits on all tabs of each body part. Yes, I used a lot of splits, but this made it much easier for the children to put the robots together.

I put all the little parts in baggies so the kids could just pick and be ready to start.

We needed a matching piñata so I took a pre-made “Transformers” one and replaced the head with the same 3D head used for the other robots. I cut the head bigger on a 12x24 mat. Sorry, I don’t know what size I cut this at.

                          BIRTHDAY CARD

The celebration would not have been complete without the traditional birthday card. Here is the pull-up card I made using one of the leftover robots from the Thank you cards below.

Great directions and a vido for a Pull-up card can be found at

                                                  THANK YOU CARDS
After I cut and assembled the robots, I sent the "doors" thru the regular printer to say "Thank You".   My son signed his name on the inside of the the window. 
TIP:  A good trick for printing on your cuts is to print on a blank sheet of plain paper first.   Then position your cut on top of the print, tape it down, and reprint.
I loved having the Thanks you cards done in advance – I was able to pass to the kids (or moms) as they were leaving the party.


We finished of the slumber party with a donut robot for breakfast.

            SCRAPBOOK   LAYOUT
 Of course, I had to do a Robot  layout for the scrapbook.

 This idea was scrap-lifted from Monique Griffith at .
She has just beautiful layout kits for sale.

Overall this party was row-bows of fun.
TIP:  I recommend, if you plan on making you own “put-together project” similar to this, give yourself several weeks to prep -- that way you only have to do a little at a time.

Thanks for looking and God bless.


  1. wow!! i just got this cartridge today!! im so looking forward to making a 3d robot!!
    thanks for sharing!!

  2. WOW!!! You did a fantastic job. TFS

  3. Looks like the party was awesome! I love the idea of having the kids make the 3-d robots!
    The thank yous are great!


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