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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cards With A Bang

Here are two cards I made for a couple of teenage boys down the street.

They are always playing Air soft and war-games with my boys, so this fit right in with there personalities. I turned these in to gift card / cash holders – that’s what gifts are for kids these days anyway. They went over with a “bang” (wink)

I used Stand and Salute for the gun card and Indie Art for the grenade cut at 4.3 by 6.4. For both of these I used Design Studio to flip and wield two of the same image together to make a “card”, and just use by bone folder to score it down the center. Do not have the info for the cut size on the gun. The words “HARDCORE” also came from Indie Art at .9. I used a real beaded chain but cut the dog tags out of card stock.

This one says, "Hope Your Birthday is Fully Loaded"

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