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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Son Can Be an Enabler (when he wants to be)

My high-schooler needed a visual to do a book report.  He wanted to do a diorama with “real” looking characters – not the little kid looking ones on the paper dress-up cart.  He saw the Paper Doll Teen Seen   characters and thought they were perfect.  Only problem is,  I didn’t have that cart.  “Come on mom, this gives you an excuse to get another cart, please”.   Now keep in mind, this is the same kid that normally tells me I am wasting my money on all this crafting stuff.  He didn’t really have to twist my arm too much – after all, why do you think I showed him that cart in the first place?  I was just looking for an excuse to buy it.

Any whooo, I ordered the cart.  In the mean time, my son designed the diorama on paper told me what colors things need to be.  He sat down with me and picked out clothing for the characters, etc...  But I did get to get creative in putting images together to fit his vision.  I put the individual pieces together once they were cut and my son added everything to the box.  He was very happy with the way it turned out, and I have a nice new cart --  All is well.

I used the Cricut Craft Room with Paper Doll teen Seen (characters), Disney- Happily Ever After Cart (Castel), Animal Kingdom (horn), Paper doll Dress up (sword & scepter, 1st crown, cape, wizard hat), Life’s A Party (2nd crown from cupcake wrapper and 3-D chest) and Snapshots, Nature (sky background) I also used various imagine carts for patterns & colors as I cut all this with the Imagine using the Cricut Craft Room.

God Bless and Happy Scrapin’


  1. Amazing! This project deserved every point. What a sweet son for giving you a reason to get a new cart....he NEEDED it for school! It is nice to see someone else whom enjoys helping their son with school as much as I do with all 3 of mine. Great job, both of you!

  2. Wow. That is amazing. Looks like you son has got done of your creativity in him.


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