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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What to do With a Can of Beans? (Lighthouse)

 This was going to be a “gag” birthday gift, to return a can of beans we have been passing back and forth.  My friend collects lighthouses so....I thought I would turn the can of beans into a lighthouse for her.  I set to work on developing a plan and experimenting.  Well, it turned out so darn cute! 
 I only used my Cricut for the fence rail.  I wielded 3 fences together in Design Studio for both levels.  The Fence is from Paper Doll Dress-Up and the three wiled together were cut 11.5 by .75.  I also used my Cuttlebug for the roof (Mosaic Texture folder) and a Fiskars wood grain-embossing card for the walls.  It was a little tricky putting the paper in the Cuttlebug to make the pattern cover the entire length of the paper.  I had to turn it and put it thru on the other end (I do not have the long boards for my Cuttlebug L ).  After I embossed them, I scored the walls at ¼-inch intervals so it would look like wood planks.  Some ribbon and a tooth pick for the flag, a circle punch, and a mini square punch for the windows.  I even pulled out some decretive scissor for the grass around the base (I hadn’t used those in a long while).  Of course I did some inking and glued everything together. 

The can of beans is the perfect weight for the base.  I put an individual serving size can in the middle level as well. 

 I made the top open so I could put in a flameless tea light – after all, a lighthouse does need to light-up.

The hardest part was getting the paper to fit snuggly around the cans at even intervals and figuring the score lines to make it the hexagon shape fit.  I have a ¼-inch flap on top and bottom of each level so I could fold it over and have a surface to glue the sections together with. 

It was also tricky figuring out where to place the red strip of paper so it would line –up just the way I wanted it.  After a little trial and a few errors, the desired result was achieved. 

I made a matching card and tag from the “Life’s a Beach” cart.  The card was cut at 4 ½ by 6 inches.  The tag was cut at 2 ½ inches.  I added a little backer’s twin and here you have it. 

I am very pleased with how it all turned out.  Maybe I won’t get the beans back this time -  J  Hope you all like it.

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  1. So darling what a great idea. We are headed to Maine next week and that is one of the things I am excited about is to see the lighthouses. I love them.


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