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Friday, July 6, 2012


My friends and family know I can pack ten pounds of “stuff” in to a 5-pound sack and make it look like it is meant to hold that much.  Some may think that is a good skill to have, right?  Well, you first one must ask; “How did she attain such a handy skill”?  Simply put, I acquire so much “stuff” in my desire to full fill my instinctual need to gatherer (you know, that latten gene left over from more primitive times); that my packing skills have become a necessity – that is if I do not want to live in complete chaos. 

All that said, to let you know I share my craft “room” with the home office.  Have I told you we are a family very dependent on our computers?  We have five personal computers in the house with four of them having stations set-up in our 11 X 13 office.  Yes, that is five-work station in one room.  I have the larger half of the room and the three guys (DH, and 2 DS) each have a desk space on the smaller half.  That is a perfectly fare split if you ask me, after all, I have gathered more stuff.

In our previous (larger) home, I had a closet with all my “stuff” crammed very neatly into it.  I could just close the closet and no one would be the wiser about all the plunder that lurked behind.  Not only that, it was upstairs off the game room – adult gussets did not normally go up there anyway. 

My offic looked  in 2008 - 6 months after we moved in
Any hoo, when we first moved in to this house, 4 plus year ago, I had a Hodge-podge of “furniture’ used to store my crafting “stuff” and no extra closets.  It was such a sore thumb in our brand new home. After all you really can’t say, “Hey come see our new house, but please don’t look in that room with the glass doors”.  Not to mention it is off the hall next to the front door and across from the gust bathroom.  Something had to be done, and quick.  I needed the Best Scrapbooking Furniture I could find.  So I did a yahoo search on the “Best Scrapbooking Orginizer” and that is what I found.  It really is called “Best” and it is great, even fairly easy to put together and very sturdy.
 Click here if interested (they often have a 20% off code in some of the scrapbooking magazines).  I am not affiliated with them in anyway – Just a happy customer .
I didn't even have room to work

At first, my DH was not so keen on me ordering new furniture after we just spent so much on all necessities associated with a new house – so I had to wait.  I finally wore him down in time for my Birthday, and he had to admit – It was looking pretty bad! Here is what it looked like BEFORE (Big sad face).  
Over flow in the hall
It was colorful anyway

All the boxes on my front step 7 July 2008
My birthday Present arrived 2 weeks before my big day!!!  Here are the big wonderful boxes on my front porch back in July 2008.

I am the “putter together” person in the house – Just part of my spatial ability I guess.

My initial finished space - photo 7/11
It took me a while to get everything all nice and organized.  I always get messier in the processes of organizing; it is a talent that cannot be rushed. 
After some more orginizing

This is the scrapbook page I did in regard to my space.
Here is my newest addition and the prompt for this post – I just bought the hutch to the desk.  The new purchase is because, of course, I have “gathered” more “stuff”.  I also needed some space for my business supplies (all the Close to my Heart goodies (CTMH)).  For the CTMH business supplies I also bought the tuck-away that fits under the desk, but I have that over by my computer.
4 years lalter - Nice new hutch - 2012

  What you don’t see in these photos is the other half of the office, my computer area, or my Imagine (which is also sharing the other half of the office with the guys).

Okay, okay, here are some photo of the rest of the office, cat, and all.    

My cumputer spot (See the kitty ears behind print looking out window?)
The space my guy's share (3 ares on one side of the room)

And a few more shots of my craft space. 

 Hope you enjoyed the tour.
God bless and Happy Scrapin’


  1. What a fantastic space - absolutely love it:-)

  2. Love it! I really need better storage stuff but hard to come by living in Japan so it will have to wait till I move back to the states.

  3. Your space is marvelous and very organized. I would love it and can imagine you have many happy scrappy moments in your "scrap haven".


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