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Thursday, August 23, 2012

School is Back in Session - Bulletin Boards

Okay, school is back in session, so I wanted to share a few things I made for one of my sons previous teachers.

First is a bulletin board for the birthdays of the children in the class.  I used Create-a-Critter for the candle flame and balloons and I used Storybook for the big letters.  I used regular construction paper and laminated it.  Laminated paper cut wonderfully on the expression.  I used colored laminated copy paper for the various candle colors.


The next bulletin board I did was the Accelerated Reader board.  We are the Sipple Stallions so the teacher thought it would be cute to use little horses for the board.  I cutout the bookmarks from the Animal Kingdom cart and I also used Platian Schoolbook, and Hello Kitty Font.  Again I cut these from laminated construction papers and they held up nicely the entire school year.  -- Opps, don't have a picture of this one.


Now for my favorite project.  This was so fun to make.  It is a homework reward board.  The teacher found the idea on-line and she just wanted me to copy it and then color it – I HAD BIGGER IDEAS.  Here is what I came up with.  I used several carts on this  Everyday Paper Dolls, Plantain Schoolbook, Hello Kitty Font, Life’s a Beach, and Locker Talk-- sorry I do not have all the measurement for this.  I printed the game cards on the computer.  This was fun for the kids and they used it all year.


Another thing I did d for the classroom was decorate the door for end of year testing.  They have a little competition each year to encourage the students.  Here is the door I did for her.  I used Plantin Schoolbook, Walk in my Garden and Create a Critter for the little inch worm.

   I inked the edges and curled the petals – I thought the colors were nice and bight.

Sorry this is a side veiw -  It is from my phone and i can't seem to turn it.

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