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Friday, September 9, 2016

Crafting Supply Addiction Anyone?

Craft supply addiction --

Just wondering if anyone else has a crafting supply addiction or am I the only one?  I am not putting my family in debt or anything but …what constitutes ”too much” or is that even a thing?  If I feel guilty, dose that make it “bad or wrong”?  If I don’t spend more than my “allowance” is that okay?  If I spend more time surfing for craft supplies than I actually do crafting – is that a shopping addiction.  Do I need help or am I perfectly normal?   I really would like to spend more time crafting than shopping – I hate to shop (okay, I might be a little kooky with that one, but it is true).  Shopping gives me knots in my stomach.  Receiving things in the mail that I forgot I ordered, that’s exciting.  Hoping no one else is home when the postal person rings the door bell (to hide my addiction) – there I said it, it is an addiction isn’t it?).  Well, they say admitting the problem is the first step to a cure – one step toward healing. 

Anyone else feel this way? (Hint:   I am looking for belongingness here.  Please comment below – I would love to hear what others have to say, feel, or are going thru relating to their crafting addictions.  (and wondering if anyone actually reads my blog).

Let’s get something done today, but first, let me go see if anything is on sale at……

As always, God bless and happy scrapping!


  1. I will be the first to admit that i am exactly as you described...just last night i was inventorying my perfect pearls in order to see what colors are missing to order those asap-so if you need a buddy to go online craft shopping, I'm in. If there are more of us, maybe we can start a group therapy program and actually get more crafting done! Bessos and have a wonderful weekend...

    1. I shopped today (sad face). But I am vowing not to buy anymore craft stuff for 3 weeks - can you do it?

  2. Well.... I made something yesterday! Not quit finished, And I am working on crafts today - yea for me, but....Today (and yesterday) I bought more craft stuff :( . I am vowing to not buy anymore craft stuff for at least three weeks - not till 1 October - Anyone else in on the challenge not to buy???? Or a least give your support with a comment below - we can do this!

  3. I did it!!! - Well all most, I ran out of Hot glue working on projects for the craft fair - So I bought hot glue. Then I ran out of ornaments for a wreath I was working on and had to buy a few more ornaments. But other than that I wait till the Anna Griffin release. I was so liberating Not to Buy! Less shopping more crafting. I think I will challenge myself more often.


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