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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Quick 50th Birtday Card (in Anna Griffin Style)

A real quick post on a 50th birthday Card I did for a dear friend.    So I had been thinking about the card I wanted to make her for over a wee, but kept getting busy and putting it off.  I woke-up the morning I was to meet her for her birthday lunch in a panic - I hadn't made her card yet and I still had to go to a doctors appointment. 

Well Thank goodness (and God) for all the beautiful Anna Griffin supplies I have.  I was able to put the this card together before my appointment and still meet my friend for lunch on time.

You can see below that I used shiny gold metallic cardstock for an appropriate 50th celebration!

Okay, just a tiny glimpse of my "new" flower frog/card display holder. 

Anna Griffin - Garden Party paper Pad - base card
Anna Griffin - Foil-Stamped Card layers (love these, they are so beautiful)
Anna Griffin - Terrific Tiles Cutting Dies - Happy
Anna Griffin - Vintage Collage Card Toppers 2
Anna Griffin - All About Kindness kit  - Rosette
Anna Griffin  - Fantastic Flips Card Kit - Butterfly
Anna Griffin  - Metallic Card Layers - Pearl Pink paper
Glue, foam dots, tape runner  
Poster board - Gold metallic (Cricut)
Font cartridge - Cindy Lou (for 50th)

God bless and happy scrapping!

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