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Sunday, December 30, 2012

GIFT SET (Cards)

Here are the gift sets I made my scrap club ladies for Christmas.  I scrap lifted this Idea form a talented lady on the CTMH wed sight.  However, I used pre-made card bases vs. CTMH papers.

I loved the idea of a marching pen.  I took it apart and added a silk ribbon around the ink barrel.  Very Elegant look. 
I used the Perfect Fit Frames CTMH stamp set with a coordinating cut on the Art Philosophy Cricut Cart. I included their own monogram initial stamp in the gift to personalize the cards and envelopes themselves.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Layouts

December Club Kit

Love love love these pages.

We used the beautiful Pear and Partridge paper pack with the Imagine cart Santa’s village.  I also used   Artiste for the accordion/rosette/medallion.  Turned out lovely.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Card Workshop

Love the new card workshops available in the Idea Book now.  A few of us got together and made the pear & partridge card kit.  I added some cuts from the CTMH Carts and we even had enough papers left over to make a fourth set of cards!  And with just a few extra piece of cardstock we made a cardholder as well - Cut from Artiste.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Layouts

November Club Layouts 

These layouts feature the CTMH Flirty paper pack and Dimensional Elements.  Obviously I used my indispensable Cricut and my Imagine. 
For the 1st layout I used Hello Kitty Font (for font), and Art Philosophy for all the leaves and acorns.  I also used CTMH Stamp set Harvest Happiness to stamp all the leaves and acorns in several fall colors.  I added the CTMH Burlap Ribbon for texture.

 On the 2nd layout, I used the Imagine Enjoy the Season cart.  I just changed the colors to match the CTMH papers.  Came out so cute- I love these pages.

Happy Fall Ya’ll

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Cards & Layouts

Hi Friends,

Here are 2 cards for my kidos for Halloween. I used CTMH Artiste Cart for the gift-card holder cards. I also added an action wobble for motion.

And here are the two layouts we made in our monthly scrap club – I first designed these on the Studio-J (free to play)  then  we made them “for real” in our September Club.

Papers: CTMH Moonlight and Moonlight Workshop on the go exclusive stamp set.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby Side-Step Card

Hey all,

It has been a while so I thought it was about time that I posted something.  Before you know it Christmas will be upon us – I know I’ll have little  time to post then.   
I decide to share a card I made for a friend of mine who just had another grandbaby.  I have been seeing these cute side-step cards for a while now and wonted to try one myself.  Here is my take on it.

I used Everyday Paper Dolls, Life’s a party, and  Art Philosophy cartridges.

  • This is a 10  in by 7 Sheet of cardstock (may need to trim down to fit in 5x7 envelope)
  •  Dotted lines are score lines and dark line is cut line.
  •   Cut line is centered and starts 1 inch from bottom and is 5 inch long (Ends 6 inch from bottom)
  •  Score at start and stop of cut points on one side. (lines A &B)
  •  Score another line an inch up from first.(line C)
  •   Score last line on opposite side of cutline 5 inch from bottom (line D)

I inked my edge and used a stamp from Emma over at My Creative time. 

Other items:  6 brads, paper clip clothes hanger, pop dots, adhesive, chalk, & coordinating scraps of paper.
This last photo is of the critter I wrapped around the baby blanket -  I made ducks on another post – easy peasy!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fun at CKC

WE WON!  There was a last minute contest for a beach theme table – We came in 3rd place and we each won a paper pack!  So fun! 

Oh, did I mention- It was my Friends Birthday - here is a glimpse of the card I made for her (I forgot to take pictures BEFORE I gave them to her– silly me).  I had also made her one of those cute little tea light “birthday cakes”.  As you can guess, her favorite color is purple! 

This was her first time to the Creative Keepsakes Convention - She had a wonderful time.  If you have never had the chance to go – I highly recommended.    You can click here to fine when there is one by you.  They have classes and shops galore!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

School is Back in Session - Bulletin Boards

Okay, school is back in session, so I wanted to share a few things I made for one of my sons previous teachers.

First is a bulletin board for the birthdays of the children in the class.  I used Create-a-Critter for the candle flame and balloons and I used Storybook for the big letters.  I used regular construction paper and laminated it.  Laminated paper cut wonderfully on the expression.  I used colored laminated copy paper for the various candle colors.


The next bulletin board I did was the Accelerated Reader board.  We are the Sipple Stallions so the teacher thought it would be cute to use little horses for the board.  I cutout the bookmarks from the Animal Kingdom cart and I also used Platian Schoolbook, and Hello Kitty Font.  Again I cut these from laminated construction papers and they held up nicely the entire school year.  -- Opps, don't have a picture of this one.


Now for my favorite project.  This was so fun to make.  It is a homework reward board.  The teacher found the idea on-line and she just wanted me to copy it and then color it – I HAD BIGGER IDEAS.  Here is what I came up with.  I used several carts on this  Everyday Paper Dolls, Plantain Schoolbook, Hello Kitty Font, Life’s a Beach, and Locker Talk-- sorry I do not have all the measurement for this.  I printed the game cards on the computer.  This was fun for the kids and they used it all year.


Another thing I did d for the classroom was decorate the door for end of year testing.  They have a little competition each year to encourage the students.  Here is the door I did for her.  I used Plantin Schoolbook, Walk in my Garden and Create a Critter for the little inch worm.

   I inked the edges and curled the petals – I thought the colors were nice and bight.

Sorry this is a side veiw -  It is from my phone and i can't seem to turn it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hey Scrapers,

I just wanted to share my layout using the papers in the CTMH Scholastic workshop on the go kit. (Our Sptember Neighborhood Club Kit)

I used the Art Philosophy for the chalkboard frame, Artiste for the card file cards and for the title, and , A Childs Year for the apple.  I was having a designer block with this paper pack, but it finally came together and looks great – better than I expected anyway.

I used the new chalkboard paper for the black board, and also used liquid glass on the apple.  I also used the cuttlebug and the woodgrain folder for the board frame.   In addition to the exclusive stamp set included in the Scholastic kit, I also used the Approved Stamp set.  I did scrap lift the card file and the stacked books from the CTMH Idea Book -- it is defiantly filed with great ideas!

Hope you enjoyed my old school layout!
God Bless and Happy Scrappin'!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What to do With a Can of Beans? (Lighthouse)

 This was going to be a “gag” birthday gift, to return a can of beans we have been passing back and forth.  My friend collects lighthouses so....I thought I would turn the can of beans into a lighthouse for her.  I set to work on developing a plan and experimenting.  Well, it turned out so darn cute! 
 I only used my Cricut for the fence rail.  I wielded 3 fences together in Design Studio for both levels.  The Fence is from Paper Doll Dress-Up and the three wiled together were cut 11.5 by .75.  I also used my Cuttlebug for the roof (Mosaic Texture folder) and a Fiskars wood grain-embossing card for the walls.  It was a little tricky putting the paper in the Cuttlebug to make the pattern cover the entire length of the paper.  I had to turn it and put it thru on the other end (I do not have the long boards for my Cuttlebug L ).  After I embossed them, I scored the walls at ¼-inch intervals so it would look like wood planks.  Some ribbon and a tooth pick for the flag, a circle punch, and a mini square punch for the windows.  I even pulled out some decretive scissor for the grass around the base (I hadn’t used those in a long while).  Of course I did some inking and glued everything together. 

The can of beans is the perfect weight for the base.  I put an individual serving size can in the middle level as well. 

 I made the top open so I could put in a flameless tea light – after all, a lighthouse does need to light-up.

The hardest part was getting the paper to fit snuggly around the cans at even intervals and figuring the score lines to make it the hexagon shape fit.  I have a ¼-inch flap on top and bottom of each level so I could fold it over and have a surface to glue the sections together with. 

It was also tricky figuring out where to place the red strip of paper so it would line –up just the way I wanted it.  After a little trial and a few errors, the desired result was achieved. 

I made a matching card and tag from the “Life’s a Beach” cart.  The card was cut at 4 ½ by 6 inches.  The tag was cut at 2 ½ inches.  I added a little backer’s twin and here you have it. 

I am very pleased with how it all turned out.  Maybe I won’t get the beans back this time -  J  Hope you all like it.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just a Simple Fun Card

A quick little card I made for my BFF. 


 I used my Imagine, the Imagine More Cards cart and I snuck in the Art philosophy cart for the red scallop trim behind the little daisies.  I added an action wobble behind the chick on the cover – those things are so fun.  Oh, don’t forget the goggle-eye to give it that goofy look. 

I printed the inside sentiment from my computer.   A simple fun card. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cruisin’ Vacation Mini Album – My First!!!

Hello my Scrappy Friends!

I am here to share my first mini Album with you!  No Ciricut on this.  I love the way it turned out!  I used the Cruisin’ B&J Duos Paper pack from Close to my Heart (CTMH), two of their stamp sets – Cruisin’ Workshop and Adventure USA; and the matching Cruisin’ foil Complements. I also used their Bookmark mini Album and several other store bought items. (i.e. designer paper clips, envelope, ribbon, larger lock rings, stickies, etc..).  Oh and LOTS of CTMH Bounding glue!

 Remember:   The new Idea Book goes into affect 1 Aug and these Cruisin’ items are NOT in the new book, so if you like what you see – order now – only while supplies last --  Here

The few “die-cut” images you see are actually hand-cut (the car on front cover and USA on back-cover). 

I hope to add the cut recipe when I have it done  in aweek or so. 

CTMH has a simpler and different (but still cute) cut diagram here.

Added:  I forgot to mention:  The map paper in this pack has – Seguin, Sam Marcos, Victoria, Temple, and Wichita Falls -- all places from my part of the Texas map.  Maybe it is an old map or area “from these here parts”!  Too cool --had to order extra!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New CTMH Cartridge! Artiste (w/ handbook link)

Oh My Goodness,

Just got the news that CTMH is releasing a new Circut Cartridge with their new Idea Book 1 August.  I loved that last one – that is why I choose to be became a consultant.  Can’t wait to see what is on the new one!!!  It also comes with  three D size stamp sets, a wopping 700 images, and more.  I've been told it will have some great 3-D shapes as well! 

Remember,  just click the link in the top left corner to shop with me – but remember, the cart is not available for order until 1August!
God Bless and Happy Scrapin, Y’all

Update: lots of 3-D items and theamed projects!
Here is the link for the handbook  -- it is awsome!

Friday, July 6, 2012


My friends and family know I can pack ten pounds of “stuff” in to a 5-pound sack and make it look like it is meant to hold that much.  Some may think that is a good skill to have, right?  Well, you first one must ask; “How did she attain such a handy skill”?  Simply put, I acquire so much “stuff” in my desire to full fill my instinctual need to gatherer (you know, that latten gene left over from more primitive times); that my packing skills have become a necessity – that is if I do not want to live in complete chaos. 

All that said, to let you know I share my craft “room” with the home office.  Have I told you we are a family very dependent on our computers?  We have five personal computers in the house with four of them having stations set-up in our 11 X 13 office.  Yes, that is five-work station in one room.  I have the larger half of the room and the three guys (DH, and 2 DS) each have a desk space on the smaller half.  That is a perfectly fare split if you ask me, after all, I have gathered more stuff.

In our previous (larger) home, I had a closet with all my “stuff” crammed very neatly into it.  I could just close the closet and no one would be the wiser about all the plunder that lurked behind.  Not only that, it was upstairs off the game room – adult gussets did not normally go up there anyway. 

My offic looked  in 2008 - 6 months after we moved in
Any hoo, when we first moved in to this house, 4 plus year ago, I had a Hodge-podge of “furniture’ used to store my crafting “stuff” and no extra closets.  It was such a sore thumb in our brand new home. After all you really can’t say, “Hey come see our new house, but please don’t look in that room with the glass doors”.  Not to mention it is off the hall next to the front door and across from the gust bathroom.  Something had to be done, and quick.  I needed the Best Scrapbooking Furniture I could find.  So I did a yahoo search on the “Best Scrapbooking Orginizer” and that is what I found.  It really is called “Best” and it is great, even fairly easy to put together and very sturdy.
 Click here if interested (they often have a 20% off code in some of the scrapbooking magazines).  I am not affiliated with them in anyway – Just a happy customer .
I didn't even have room to work

At first, my DH was not so keen on me ordering new furniture after we just spent so much on all necessities associated with a new house – so I had to wait.  I finally wore him down in time for my Birthday, and he had to admit – It was looking pretty bad! Here is what it looked like BEFORE (Big sad face).  
Over flow in the hall
It was colorful anyway

All the boxes on my front step 7 July 2008
My birthday Present arrived 2 weeks before my big day!!!  Here are the big wonderful boxes on my front porch back in July 2008.

I am the “putter together” person in the house – Just part of my spatial ability I guess.

My initial finished space - photo 7/11
It took me a while to get everything all nice and organized.  I always get messier in the processes of organizing; it is a talent that cannot be rushed. 
After some more orginizing

This is the scrapbook page I did in regard to my space.
Here is my newest addition and the prompt for this post – I just bought the hutch to the desk.  The new purchase is because, of course, I have “gathered” more “stuff”.  I also needed some space for my business supplies (all the Close to my Heart goodies (CTMH)).  For the CTMH business supplies I also bought the tuck-away that fits under the desk, but I have that over by my computer.
4 years lalter - Nice new hutch - 2012

  What you don’t see in these photos is the other half of the office, my computer area, or my Imagine (which is also sharing the other half of the office with the guys).

Okay, okay, here are some photo of the rest of the office, cat, and all.    

My cumputer spot (See the kitty ears behind print looking out window?)
The space my guy's share (3 ares on one side of the room)

And a few more shots of my craft space. 

 Hope you enjoyed the tour.
God bless and Happy Scrapin’